VIP Slot

VIP Slot for BF4 server

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Link: !# GAMES COMMUNITY | Best Maps | Votemap | Fast vehicle respawn

VIP Slot Price

Every player can support our BF4 server with an VIP Slot. Of course you will get back many VIP benefits.

1 Month: 2 Euro
3 Months: 5 Euro

You can support this server with an VIP Slot.
After payment received your VIP Slot will be activated within 24 hours for the next 31 days (93 days).

All donations going into the server to keep this server running.

VIP Slot Benefits

VIP Slot includes the following benefits:

Reserved server slot
No queue, you can join everytime WITHOUT waiting
(Non-VIP Player will be kicked when server is full)

Balancer Whitelist
Auto Balancer wouldn't touch you

Triple Votemap Power
Your vote for the next map will be count 3 times

Ping Kicker Whitelist
No kick for High-Ping

Kill-Farm-Limit Whitelist
No kick for kill farming and high ingame KD

Voteban Protection
You are protected. Nobody can !voteban / !votekick / !votemute you.

Chat command to take squad leader position

Chat command to switch between teams

Chat command for admin kill. Respawn without death in scoreboard

Buy a VIP Slot

Send us your PayPal Donation and your BF4 playername.
Use the Donate Button below to get a VIP Slot.

Bank transfer:

Account Owner: Manfred Suszek
Bank: Sparda-Bank Hamburg
IBAN: DE95 2069 0500 0111 2839 28

or via

After donation received your VIP Slot will be activated within 24* hours for the next 31 days (93 days).
* Bank Transfers from foreign countries may take more days until your VIP Slot can be unlocked

If you need help contact MrRadar via Battlelog